What do we do?
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What do we do?


Cxense drives user engagement, loyalty and revenue

In the fast developing digital world, we are surrounded by organizations trying to figure out how to build out their digital business model. A question we hear time after time is, "How do we transform our data into revenue"?

We believe we have the solutions to enable our clients do just that, by unlocking the power of data to enable our clients to build engaging user experiences that drives engagement, loyalty and revenue for their business.

For more than 8 years, Cxense have been helping our users to create and develop strong relationships with their customers . Through our advanced, real-time data platform we collect, process, and transform data on content and the audience interaction with digital touch points, which enables our clients to obtain actionable insight and deliver personalized experiences that supports them to drive revenue. Using our solutions, our customers are able to offer their advertisers premium audience segments to reach the right online audience. In the Subscription Economy, they are real, paying customers signing up to our customers' subscription products.

More than 190 companies worldwide, including some of the biggest publishers and digital marketing agencies, rely on us to deliver their customers a unique, individualised user experience. Our technology helps them to display interesting, relevant, and fresh content which is tailored for each individual customer. This results in a more engaged customer base, which in turn allows them to run more effective, profitable advertising or subscription campaigns

An iterative process

Making this work in practice is an ongoing activity. It starts by having the right insight about exactly who you will personalize your user experiences for. Through an iterative test-and-learn process you will rapidly build the skills and knowledge to efficiently build and test new engaging user experiences, all efficiently enabled through our solutions.


Increase reader engagement

Cxense allows you to create a customised user experience for each individual visitor to your site or app. For example, an article recommendation placement on your page increases the likelihood that your readers will be exposed to content they like, which in turn will make them more likely to return

Convert your customers to new products

With peoples' limited attention, marketing efforts need to be relevant and timely. Cxense helps you discover what your different readers like in real-time and to serve them personalised campaigns for relevant products, to encourage them to sign up. Your products are not limited to a single subscription; we help you to tailor your marketing for a range of products like newsletters, registration, events, and podcasts.

Re-engage users when their interest drops

Reducing reader churn is a major challenge for all publishers. Cxense allows you to identify readers who are lowly engaged, and to target them with personalised campaigns which can help them re-engage. Re-target already churned subscribers with "we miss you campaigns"


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