How does it work?
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How does it work?


Data fusion

Cxense collect and process a lot of data from a lot of sources and make it available for actioning in real time. Data on user engagement and content performance are collected from a number of different sources:

  • Website or group of websites
  • Apps
  • 1st party data (e.g. registration info, CRM data, billing data etc.)
  • 3rd party data (e.g. providers of LinkedIn or Facebook data etc.)

Cxense data platform collects data about the pages your users have visited, giving you an insight into their context, behaviour and preferences over time. It also provides you with explicit information about how each of your published articles are performing. Combining these pieces of information allows us to provide you with a broad understanding of every user on a 1:1 basis

Data intelligence

User profile generation

Cxense use the known, deterministic user data (e.g. location, device, behaviour, CRM data) and enrich it using AI modelling, to create extremely rich user profiles

Our AI algorithms can predict a user's:

Content profile generation

Whenever our customers publish new content, we automatically perform content analysis to extract a set of structured and unstructured data

Structured data includes information like, author, published time plus any custom tags which are added to the article

Unstructured data includes information like keywords, entities, concepts, companies, cities, countries, and people, the sentiment of the story (feel-good or sad?), the AI generated IAB classification, as well as any other information included as custom tags.

For example, we might generate the following content profile:


Data activation

With this deep insight into your users and the types of content they engage with most often, you can start to take action:

Increase engagement

Increase engagement with personalized user journeys, content recommendations, messages and offers that arrive at exactly the right time.

Personalized websites make users click more, generate more page views and result in users consuming more of your content.

More engaged users means more ad-revenue and builds a foundation for subscriptions and paywalls.


With a highly engaged audience, there is a higher likelihood that your readers will pay you, when they know your value proposition. While publishers are eager to drive subscription revenue, there is a need to balance this effort to sustain revenue from advertisement.

With our technology, publishers can intelligently balance ad and subscription revenue, depending on the audience segments their users belong to.

Keep your readers satisfied with relevant offers, surveys, and personalized messages.

Churn / Bounce rate

Reduce the danger zone with personalized recommendations and messages for subscribers at risk of churning.

This will re-activate the user and give them a reason to keep subscribing.

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