Sep 2019
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Sep 2019

Conversion Engine (CCE)

Multi Conversion support

Today we mark a huge leap in capability for the CCE Platform, with the release of Multi Conversion support.

After exhaustive testing and tuning, with this deployment we move from the closed 'Multi Product' beta to general availability


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Conversion Lifecycle Events

We've added support for more 'Conversion Lifecycle' events. Specifically, a "Conversion Failed" Event - a very important event to assist re-targeting Users who have entered a funnel and failed to convert. This can occur for a variety of reasons, though it's a high value event by definition


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General improvements

btn-cce Improved Overview View render speed
btn-cce Date Selector enhancements
btn-cce Added improvement for slow networks
btn-cce Allow to specify redirect parameters object in click tracker. Read more in the Cxense wiki
btn-cce BugFix: Manual Matching Mode Configurations were being overwritten for new modules
btn-cce Product Report speed improvements
btn-cce Creative Modal presentation improvements
btn-cce Creative Management Page
btn-cce Presentation View enhancement - sometimes on initial View, there was a timing clash of the render template
btn-cce Improvements to multi-API calls
btn-cce Expanded support for legacy module templates
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