Strategic Services
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Strategic Services

Blueline consultancy services

In the days of traditional print, blueline would refer to edit marks made with a special pencil that wouldn’t show up on printing plates

Today, Cxense Blueline offers publishers the same confidence and unseen advantage when taking their products and strategies to market

Cxense Blueline

Bring your own Data Scientist (BYODS)

Cxense wants to be your primary data partner and help you succeed with your data-driven projects. Data Science is an important part of such projects. To make life easier for you and your data scientists, Cxense is building a developer environment where data scientists can easily explore data, perform ad-hoc analysis and train ML models. Using Cxense BYODS, data scientists and engineers working for a customer of Cxense no longer need to spend their precious time on exporting huge datasets from Cxense APIs and load them into some other analytics tool or data store before exploring the data. The BYODS platform makes customer data like pageview events and content profiles easily available for instant analysis

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